TH&B: UNITED is the third project developed for 270 Sherman. The project was originally developed as a means of connecting like-minded peers and colleagues throughout the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo region who share an affinity for making sculptures and installations that address site, scale and post-industrial contexts. 270 Sherman is former textile and garment factory that offered 30,000 vacant square feet on the 3rd floor for temporary artist projects. The wildly successful response to the project in 2008 and 2012 respectively led us to conceive of this most recent iteration. TH&B: UNITED seeks to further expand our influence and bring together a dynamic selection of projects by emerging and established artists whose work addresses the post-industrial context of the space and the inevitable intersection of industry and environment endemic to the Rust Belt corridor bordering Lakes Erie and Ontario.

TH&B is an alliance between like-minded artists. TH&B UNITED at 270 Sherman is a statement of intent about the growing strength and creative energy that has rooted here. Like the railway we appropriate our collective name from, TH&B UNITED is a conductor, a vehicle connecting multidisciplinary artists from across the region.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Donna Akrey / Margaret Flood (FNOR), Nadia Belerique, Marco D’Andrea, Simon Frank / Dave Hind / Ivan Jurakic / Tor Lukasik-Foss (TH&B), Lucy Howe, Lesley Loksi Chan / C Wells (iloks / swell), Laura Marotta, Kelly Mark, Andrew McPhail, Laura Moore, Zeke Moores, Julian Montague / David Adamczyk, Janet Morton, Tyler Tekatch, Matthew Walker

ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCES: Broken Pencil Reading Series, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra “What’s Next” sound installation, Tor Lukasik-Foss, Wing and String Collective

FUNDING AND IN-KIND PARTNERS: The Ontario Arts Council, 270 Sherman, RM Engraving and Signs, Homegrown Hamilton, THB Beer, Art Gallery of Hamilton